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New Year’s Address in 2016 of (WISHPOWER)
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With the footsteps of time, the extraordinary 2015 had left, the challenging 2016 is coming.We sincerely express our gratitude here to always concerned, supporting and trustful customers and partners.And express sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks to hard-working employees in Wishpower.

2015 is a extraordinary year for Wishpower, at the time of the world economy continues to be sluggish and chinese economy enters the new normal, Wishpower contrarians and goes forward, the company's internal management level gradually improved, quality consciousness of all presonnels imperceptibly improve. The amount of export increased by 30% than last year. The products have shortlisted domestic power product, the relative works such as high-speed express train and urban railroad transportation pushed on orderly.

2016 will be the the start of the implementation of"13th Five Year Plan", also thecrucial important year for Wishpower’s development.In 2016, we will continue to deepen the transformation and upgrading task of enterprise, to develop new and high value-added products.To realize the technology and management level upgrade of enterprise, we will continue to improve the norm management, fully tap potential and to save, maximum to improve labor productivity on the premise of quality assurance.And will continue to do a good cooperation with State Grid electric power research institute of xinjiang project at the same time.

“ Where there is a will,there is a way, Chu burnt their boats then Qing was conquered;
When helping yourself, god will help you, Gou Jian endured hardship so Wu was swallowed.

At last, wish you and your family peace, health and happy everyday in year 2016 !

New Year’s Day 2016.

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