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The president of Wishpower investigated Middle East electric market and visited customers
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From June 21th to 30th, 2016, the president Mr. Wu, Senior Engineer Mr. Lv and marketing manager Mr. Chen of Wishpower investigated Middle East market and visited customers in field of Electric power and oil.

In the 10 days trip, they visited Oman customer at first, they explained KEMA test report of 132KV suspension composite insulator and 33KV post composite insulator, and also 5000 hours aging test of silicone rubber. The customer satisfied with product quality for 10 years cooperation. Wishpower compete with world famous manufacturers of Maclean in USA, NGK in Japan and Siemens in Oman market. The business of Wishpower keep growing under this situation, it proved that the brand of Wishpower accepted by Oman market. We have to be calm and know clearly how to keep the good developing trend, to insist principle of Qaulity first, Customer highest .

In Saudi Arabia market, Wishpower signed agreement with its electric power company. And negotiated the place and charge to do type test with the agent for test of post composite insulator to replace high voltage porcelain disconnector post insulator.

At last, they investigated and evaluated Irans National electric power market. Facing the electric power company and importers in Irans electric power market only ask price, but dont care about quality of products, the president put forward to Give upfor the same situation of Indias electric power market.

We should cherish the brand and reputation as they are hard to win. The route we are going forward is internationalized even Wishpower is located in China, we cherish the trust from customer very much, and our goal is to build century enterprise.

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July 2nd, 2016

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