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Xi’an Metro Line 4 Rigid Suspension Composite Insulator and Other Products’ Delivery Construction Unit
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July 27, 2017, Xi’an Wish Composite Insulator Co., Ltd. (Wishpower) , the successful bidder of Metro Line 4 rigid suspension composite insulators and other products, passed on-site acceptance of expert group of four units, Huang Jing & Lu Yang of Xi'an Electric Engineering Branch of China CREC Railway Electrification Group, technical chief engineer Hu Yuan of First Exploration and Design Institute of CRCC, responsible person Yan Tonglu of China Railway Supervision Company and the technical chief engineer Wei Feng of the owners of Xi'an Metro Limited Liability Company.

In this acceptance inspection, in spite of hot weather, experts work from 9:30 am until 6:30 pm in the workshop over 40℃ high temperature, they strictly implement TB/T 3199.2 standards of acceptance of metro engineering equipment, engineering supervision specifications. From product appearance, electrical performance test, mechanical tension test, fitness of basic size they made a lot of work in detail and sorted out hundreds of related product testing data.

After expert’s testing at the scene of workshop production, they held an special meeting about quality control, delivery points, delivery time and after-sales service seamlessly with the leaders and technical staff of Wish Composite Insulator Co., Ltd.

As the owner, technical chief engineer Wei Feng of Xi’an Metro pointed out that X i’an Wish Composite Insulator Co., Ltd as a local company, ‘Wish’ has a famous reputation of brand, the product quality of wishpower has always been recognized by people in the same fields, Xi’an Metro will fully support local enterprise. Tax will be paid to Xi’an, after-sales service is convenient, the factory management is in place, staff’s quality awareness is strong, leadership pay high attention to it. We hope in the future days, Wishpower can take the chance of favourable climate, geographical position and support of people in actively participating more subway construction, making contributions to ‘Belt and Road Initiative’.

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