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HGW9-10kV Disconnect
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※ Application Scope&Main Usage

HGW9-10 type outdoor disconnect switch is used for ope ning and closing single phase or three phase circuits underthevor~agebutnc-load cond~onin 10kVpowerSystem

※ Structure features

HGW9-10 type outdoor d Jsconnect switch has simple stnJcture.convenient pdce,simple use.…t s composed of insulator.electricity conductDart and mechanism Using blade structore to open andclose circuit Blade of each phase is composed oftwobledes Therearecompresssprings onthetwosidesofolades.toadjustforgetting needed pressure When open and close switch,use insulaUng baroperaHngmechanism Bladehave seIf-lockdevice

※ Normal service condition

a、Alatudeabovethe sea:nomore than 1000m;
b、Ambient temperature:upper limits+40℃.10wer limits-30%fhigh∞Id area lower limits-40%);
c、Outdoorwind speed:notexceeding 35m/s:
e、Occasions without severe vibration.
f、Oceas Jon without matter which will badly influencetheinsulaSon performanceandcenducIivity Of discOnnecIO^such as gas.steam.chemical sediment.salt fog. dust.and the other explosive and corrosive matters

※ Technical performance

Technical performance of product accords with specified technical requirements and stan dards:GBl985-89《AC HV disconnector)and IEC 129(1984)《AC disconnector and earthing switch》、IEC694(1980)《HV switch equipment and control equipment common clause》.

※ HGW9-10kV Disconnect Diagram

※ The main technical parameters

Note: Product's dimension, characteristics,connecting type, shed color,etc can be designed and manufactured in accordance with customer's requirements .

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