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Main Types And Technical Parameters of Polymer Housed Metal Oxide Surge ArrestersCurrent position:Home -> Product Center -> Details
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※ Excellent Electrical Characteristics

These series of products combine the surge countingunit and leskage current measurement unit in one bodu These products are fully enclosed in metal shells which. have good sealing performance and are free from external influences.The internal components have good aging resistance and are suitable for long-term electric system operation. The products can monitor leakage current change ofsurge arresters and record the numbers of arrester action in real-time online.And according to

the change of leakage current,we can determine the abnormal conditions such as internal moisture,mechanical damage,ageing of zinc oxide varistors and order to prevent accidents and improve the reliability of power systems operation.

※ Counter sketches

※ The main technical parameters

Note: Product's dimension, characteristics,connecting type, shed color,etc can be designed and manufactured in accordance with customer's requirements .

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Address: No. 168, Jinggao South Road, Jinghe Industrial Zone, Xi'an, China  E-mail:
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