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PRTV/RTV anti-pollution flashover coatingsCurrent position:Home -> Product Center -> Details
RTV anti-pollution flashover coatings
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一、 Characteristic and performance

This product is based on organic silicone rubber, apply theory of Hansen (W.h assen), interpenetrating network (IPN) technology, mobile catalyzing enzyme, ect new technology and process, to make it under condition of clean, dry and oxygen exclusion.The product has outstanding features as belows:

1、Excellent hydrophobic and rapid, balanced and sustainable hydrophobic transference;

2、High anti-pollution flashover voltage, the arc resistance, tracking resistance, good electrical insulation;

3、High modulus, high strength, high adhesion, high corrosion resistance, and meet the requirements of the state maintenance;

4、Resistance to ozone, ultraviolet resistance, anti-aging, no peeling and crack;

5、Long effective running,simple maintenance , free-cleaning in validity time,good efficient.

6、One-package normal temperature solidified ,easy to use.

二、key technical indexes

The product use state electricity standard DL/T627-2004《 insulatornormal temperature solidifysilicone rubber anti-contamination flashover coatings》 establish the higher technical requirements of enterprise standard Q/WS-09《RTV silicone rubber anti-contamination flashover coatings》and Q/WS-08 《RTV Coating construction management standards》to specify the production and construction.

三、Applied range

The product use where nominal voltage is higher 11kv, the filthy condition that operation of ac and dc system go on.they mainly use power system transformer substation, insulator of transmission and distribution line andpower station booster station,and then chemical engineering,steel,electrified railway

mine and all filthy ,mist ,moisture environment’s electrical equipment,improve the insulating level of the devices, prevent the flashover accident.

Our products have a good use in the area ofmetallurgy, cement, chemical industry,mine and salt mist and all kinds of filthy environment,and 500kv system,they show the excellent antifouling performance. There have been no flashover accident since more than 10 years.and they are the protection god of the grid security operation.

四、the usage

Professional construction qualification personnel will conduct, and paint this product in the cutting power,and the construction temperature is -30℃~+50℃。

Clean the china bottle or glass surface as a rule,to wipe off the filthy and keep surface clean.To conduct by the spraying or the brushing ,Coating thickness should be depending on site polluted degree,the thickness is 0.3 ~ 0.5mm, brushing coating shall not be left out,dripped,with smooth surface.

When open and use the painting with no using up it ,and then close it ,to use it next time.

五、Package and Storage.

The product should pack sealed metal container.Keep dry and air in the storage and transportation, to stop insolation and rain.

Storage period is 1year, if exceed storage period and after the re-inspection qualified and use them .

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