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PRTV anti-pollution flashover coatings
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I. Introduction

In the 1980s, RTV antifouling paint was introduced into China. Since then, it has played an increasingly important role in the pollution flashover of power systems. RTV coating widely used not only in the work of the anti-pollution flashover power system and has played a significant role and achieved remarkable results, but also for its own accumulated a very valuable practical experience hanging net operation. At present, RTV coating with its excellent anti-fouling performance has been experts and users generally recognized.

However, people gradually found in actual use, RTV coating has some unsatisfactory shortcomings in the product design side of the group. It unilaterally pays attention to the excellent performance of anti-pollution flash; while ignoring the other important performance optimization. One of the most prominent is its design life is too short (only about 5-8 years), which is serious mismatch with the power transmission and transformation equipment design life (about 30 years) , and repeated blackout will undoubtedly lead to a huge consumption of financial and material resources and waste.

So, is there a product that not only has excellent anti-fouling performance, while its overall performance is significantly better than RTV paint? The answer is yes. We cooperated with a well-known University and developed a new generation of persistent anti-fouling flash coatings - PRTV Permanent Room Temperature Vulcanized. Its design life can be as long as 20 years, and its mechanical strength after the film, dielectric strength, adhesion and self-cleaning and corrosion resistance and other aspects of performance are significantly better than the traditional RTV coating.

II. The principle and product characteristics

The hydrophobicity of silicone rubber is due to the flexibility of the polysiloxane backbone in the role of surface tension under the rotation, the silicon atoms on the interface of the methyl, hydrophobic mainly by the methyl generated. Once the surface is damaged, exposing the filler, loss of hydrophobic is inevitable, serious will chalk. In order to overcome the shortcomings of the existing technology, our R & D department cooperated with a famous domestic university to develop a Fluoropolysiloxane (PRTV) persistent antifouling paint, which incorporates F-containing groups and Adding a unique self-developed flame retardants, abandoned for the arc quenching and add aluminum oxide ordinary group mode, the formation of a new type of fluorosilicone rubber. As the fluorine atom has a great electron-withdrawing effect, with F-C bond is short, can form a very good protection of other keys, greatly improving the performance of silicone rubber. It is not only more resistant to aging, with better acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, and its surface energy than silicone rubber lower, better hydrophobic, anti-fouling ability is also stronger.

三、Main performance index

lDesign service life of 20 years

2The drying of surface coating will take 20-30 minutes, the curing time 48 hours.

3Ant-pollution and flashover voltage increased to 2 times above.

4Hydrophobicity is class 1, and the recovery time is 12 hours.

5Adhesion is class 1

6Dielectric strength 32.334.2KV/mm

7Electrical erosion resistance class TMA 45

8The solid content is about 60%.

9Flammability is class FV-0

10Tearing strength 19.0KN/M

11Shearing strength 2.372MPa

12Self-cleaning peeling strength 1.89KPa

13To apply 17.1KV voltage of artificial accelerated aging test, keep 1700 hours and no flow interruption, and electrical erosion isn’t up to porcelain glaze.

四、Operation guides and precautions

1The product no need to stir and modulation at site, and spray directly.
2 The thickness of coating should be 0.4mm above.
3It is not good to construct if cloud, raining and fog. The construction should proceed in good weather.
4The electrical porcelain surface have to be clean and in dry condition before using of the product.
5 The product storage under sealing and dark condition.
6The warranty is 12 months, but the product still can be used after re-inspection when the warranty exceeded.

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