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HDPE Insulator
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HDPE insulators

It is consists of three partsthe first part: external insulation shed(the material is modified thermoplastic high density polyethylene (HDPE), the second part: internal FRP Rod(the main function of mechanical tension), the third part: hardware accessories, the FRP Rod has dual function, mechanical and electrical properties.

The HDPE Insulator is divided into suspension and post insulator two types.

HDPE Composite Insulator is different from the daily described Composite Insulators, it is change of external insulation shed material. The Modified Thermoplastic High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Composite Insulator developed by Wishpower, overcomes poor aging resistance of silicone rubber, the shed is easy to deform under the force of gravity, the deficiency of high frequency bird hazard, especially the problem not allowed to tread when the worker cleans tension composite insulator and the shed on strong wind area(on motorcycle) is easy to tear, this thermoplastic material has significance of environmental protection which advocated at present.

Modified Thermoplastic Composite Insulator used in current national standard 10kV-35kV line suspension and post usually. The higher voltage class is keeping studying.

Modified Thermoplastic Composite Insulator executes standard IEC61109 and Chinese National standard GB19519. The standard of shed executes Chinese National standard GB26218.3.

The standard of Modified Thermoplastic Composite Insulator is raised by Wish Composite Insulator Co.,Ltd.

The registered trademark of Modified Thermoplastic Composite Insulator is:

Wish Composite Insulator Co.,Ltd has applied for National Invention Patent of Modified Thermoplastic Composite Insulator.

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