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The Breaking Analysis of Rods in the Test of Crimping and Tension
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一、Feature: if there is breaking part in the inner of socket and ball ,tensile strength is very low.

二、reason analysis:

1、Crimping strength is big . That exceed compressive strength of the rods ,thus lead to damage.

2、If the crimping part is out of place. Briquetting should be located in the middle of connected region.

3、the machining accuracy of fitting is bad:a eccentricity b cylindrical is not enough c inner hole has a degree of pin.

4、the material of same batch fitting (esp the socket) is not uneven,

5、The rods can’t grid well, to bring about end taper or Cylindricity is not enough.

6、crimping machine is lack of stability, six or eight jaws is not the same step.

7、elasticity modulus of the rods is too high .(high heat resistance, rods brittle)

8、When assemble the socket and ball , they are not in the same straight line,

三、solving ideas:

1、Choose the products of manufactures .good quality,in order to solve the problem of examine there are changes in the same batch of fitting ,the size of the inner hole and diameter tolerance of the rods other parameters according to the standard acceptance,

2、Use advanced equipment,technology,to guarantee quality of grid rods.

3、control the tolerance clearance during assembly

4、Choose the right crimping parameter.when the fittings and rods of different batches and manufactures arrive the factory.Firstly, do the confirmed tests of the crimping parameters. If destroy 5-8pieces to make sure the best crimping parameters. Large -ton products should be crimped with section.

5、To make sure the stability of crimping machine .notice the exchange of the hydraulic oil,and cool the devices after working for few hours in the summer.

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