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Organic Composite Insulator should Notice key Issuses in the Process of Production
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The outer insulation coating process of the organic composite insulator experienced following steps :dry umbrella dish -extruded sheath umbrella -flat machining - complete injection . The development of the composite insulator rod also experienced the several steps as below:E-glass rod -high temperature resistant -high temperature and acid resistant -transparent , high impact strength,acid resistant. The purpose of these changes are to fit the composite insulator production process,to surpass the international advanced level than the development of composite insulator domestic.

The most respected and concerned in the development of the organic composite insulator in the structure type of the whole injection and crimping . The ministerial standard for more than 220kv organic composite suspension insulator recommends using acid-resistant mandrel. The great resistance to high temperature of the rod services for the whole process of injection. Crimping structure requires strong impact strength during crimping. The structure of fitting and rod are firm and not pulled off. Experienced show that to crimp firmly,rod with good impact strength

一、When the insulator had been injected ,and taken down from the mould and examine, the insulator are torn which should be caused hard pry after separating the up-down mould , and don’t crack in the process of injection and mould.Prying cause the breaking of rods and tearing of silicone rubber shed.

⑴The one of reasons is mould ,and sticky mold is related to the following factors.

a、Mould material and smoothness are not good ,or gluing a model is related to the following several factors.

b、Inappropriate silicon raw material and hardness of rubber .(hardness should be adjusted in summer and winter)

c、Inappropriate time and pressure ,overheat mold, or overcure.

⑵Another reason is that rods are not heat-resistant. According to determination , in general , the internal temperature of a composite insulator mould is about 155℃ and its external temperature is about 170℃.

二、Measures to prevent insulator fracture when levering up.

1、Firstly, using good mould with good metal materials, technical content , and good smoothness. Using good release agents.

2、Second, stable quality of raw material in silicon rubber ingredients

. Operation personnels must understand that the proportion changing of raw materials is always related to temperature , pressure and time in the whole process of production. Of course it includes the influence of thetemperature of external environment ,and the hardness degree of rubbet.

3、Do not be eager to lever it up after opening mould no matter if it is sticked to the upper mould or the lower mould (of course no droping down ). You ‘d better stay 35minutes or blow it for a while with fans, air conditioning ,and cool the middle of insulator. The strength of such rods will increase greatly with the drop of temperature , and the risk of fracture will be lowered.

4、For 110kv composite insulator generally you lever it up with the angle between FRP rod and mould not being more than 30degrees. At present the insulator hardware have been pressed into the mandrel through injection and moulding , and the insulator will drop off easily with its own weight and your gentle touch. Otherwise you have find the reason.

5、Insulator manufactures must take equipment situation, personnel

Quality and raw material into consideration in from ulating and practising hour norm and piece-rate system , seeking the accordance of quality and benefit on the basis ensuring each finished product is qualified.

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